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What existence is there, after death? What becomes of the souls of the fallen?
Is life a dream? Or do we dream in death?
What if the world itself dies?
Shall we find out?
In an age of war and strife, man had risen to the top. They had tamed the beasts, defeated the monsters of their age, and even bent nature herself to their will. In the end, the only enemy man still faced, was himself. It was a battle he simply could not win.
Not to say he didn’t try! Mighty wars were raged amongst vast armies of men and women alike. Cities, countries, tribes, all vying for superiority in the world, slaughtered one another without mercy or cease. Stronger, more advanced weaponry was created, and more powerful spells were woven in an effort to force each other into submission. In this bloodshed and chaos, no one had a thought to spare for the destruction this wrought on the land. Cities crumbled, and blood seeped into the earth in their wake. Waste littered the pristine waters, from bodies and debris alike. Spells ravished the land with great craters, smouldering in the aftermath, forever uninhabitable. Among these cities was the great Thenan, mightiest of all others. It bore the brunt of many an attack, and responded in kind. So mighty was Thenan, so coveted by dark forces, that it is said this city was among those most responsible for such destruction. 
And the planet bore this abuse for many years. Until finally, the Goddess Cereska, who loved her children and bore their abuse for so long, simply couldn’t tolerate their sins any longer. She looked out upon her once beloved children of her creation, and could only see hateful, twisted monsters now. And she began to sing a song of annihilation for those who once she had loved so, deciding it would be kinder to just return them to nothing. In the wake of her song, the waters of the world steamed and turned to lava, rose from the oceans in great floods of flame and fire, and burned away all in their path. 
When the last living being on the planet had been extinguished, Cereska looked out upon her still, lifeless world. And then she slept in peace, for the first time in ages.
But what of the souls of her children?
The Goddess Rem had loved the children of Cereska. She was the Goddess of Dreams, and without the races of the world, she would be bound to maddening boredom. And so Rem came up with a plan to save herself from this fate. She wove a world in dreams, of her own creation, in which she could bring the souls of the fallen. These souls would keep her company. She could watch them in peace, and no longer would they be subject to Cereska’s wrath. She went to the God of Death, Ereset, and begged him for souls from his dominion that she could bring in to populate her new world. Having been ever close with Rem, he agreed, and allowed her to fish the souls from his River, and take them to her world of dreams. She set eagerly to work. From the River she plucked many, some once from Thenan itself, trapped in an icy purgatory which they called Midgar, unknowing of what had befallen them in their once mighty city. 
And this is where your story begins. 
You are a spirit, plucked from the River of Souls by the hand of the Goddess of Dreams. You find yourself reborn anew in this vastly different world from what you once knew. When did you die? Do you remember your life before? And, will you work to reclaim that existence, or will you simply carve a new life for yourself in this land of dreams?
Whatever your choice, Rem watches. And she smiles.
Lore from my Minecraft RP server.
c.  clintparton